The Enhance Lab

About us

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Through better understanding, together we can enhance lives.


Our focus

We conduct research that aims to enhance the lives of children and their families through a better understanding of neurodevelopment, health, and child education. We focus our research on neurodevelopmental disorders and the physical and mental health problems that commonly occur alongside them. We know that individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders are impacted far beyond their primary diagnosis, so our research encompasses the broad range of complex issues that these individuals and their families face.

Our Mission

Children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD), such as autism spectrum disorder, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, and cerebral palsy, are faced with a number of challenges. Using a variety of evidence-based research methods, our research laboratory aims to facilitate healthy outcomes in this unique population by working to identify underlying mechanisms (e.g. neurobehavioural, psychosocial, etc.) for the development and maintenance of mental health issues in these populations. Our research also aims to determine how co-occurring mental health issues impact children and youth with NDDs in their home and school environments. Lastly, we investigate the effectiveness of various intervention approaches (behavioural, psychological, and pharmaceutical), for individuals with NDDs and co-occuring mental health issues. The functioning and success of our lab depends on our common sense of purpose, professionalism, cooperation, and a strong dedication to the helping profession.


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