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Health Link

If you have a health concern for yourself or your child, call Health Link (811) for quick and easy advice from a registered nurse. This line is available 24/7, and they will help assess symptoms to determine the best care for you or your child.  


For information about the School and Applied Child Psychology program at the University of Calgary, follow the link belo

The Owerko Centre at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) is dedicated to studying neurodevelopmental disorders and child mental health. For information related to the Owerko Center, follow the link below 

The Owerko 

For information regarding the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) including current research, training, and members, follow the link below    


For information about Autism Spectrum Disorder in Calgary including diagnosis and assessment, respite, service providers, funding, and Family Support for Children with Disabilities, follow the link below

in Calgary


FASD Alberta

For information from the province of Alberta about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and initiatives and services, follow the link.

Child Development Services (CDS) is a multidisciplinary tertiary service for children (birth – 18 years of age). The main goal of CDS is to provide diagnostic clarity, recommendations and information for children who present with multiple and complex developmental, behavioural, and learning challenges.  

Child Development Services (CDS):

Created as an initiative of the Sinneave Family Foundation, the Ability Hub is available for adolescents, adults, and families living with autism. For information about The Ability Hub, follow the link.  

The Ability Hub